Fertility Center Voorburg

What we think is important

Our Mission :

We try to offer people with a wish to conceive a maximal chance to succeed.

We try to offer people with a wish to conceive a maximal chance to succeed based on a thorough fertility evaluation of the involved person(s) followed by the less riskful but effective treatment modality. The responsibility of the decision is based on shared decision making in which the involved person(s) and the doctor have equal saying and the aim of the decision is based on individualized arguments.

Fundamental to a good treatment plan is knowledge of basic fertility issues : we start with thorough diagnostics to find a possible cause. After that, a treatment plan is made that fits your wishes and aim.

First we try to improve your natural chances to conceive as much as possible. Treatment modalities like insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF) are endpoints. The bigger the steps you take through your fertility pathway, the sooner you will be at the end of it. Although it seems attractive to rush into a treatment pathway towards IVF, what really matters in the end is one thing : Did we together create an optimal opportunity to reach your goal?


If treatment is indicated, we prefer to choose together with you beginning with the less riskful treatment with a good chance on success. The adagium ‘First do not harm’ is our guiding principle for this. Our low rate of complications may be the result of this strategy. In the Fertility Center Voorburg we are able to offer virtually all available fertility treatments : laparoscopic fertility surgery (blocked Fallopian tubae, endometriosis), induction of ovulation, inseminations, IVF and ICSI.

The Fertility Center Voorburg is characterized by a small-scale team with highly motivated employees that are all very well attuned to each other. Our common goal is to support our patients as much as possible in their wish to conceive. On this website will be able to find out in which respect our approach differs from other centers and in particular what the reason for this is.

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