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The first visit

You may have been referred to a gynaecologist because until now your wish to conceive has not been fulfilled. That does not mean that there will be no chance for a spontaneous pregnancy in the future.

Absence of a natural pregnancy may be caused by the male, the female or both partners. Also unhealthy lifestyle factors like smoking and alcohol use or being overweight may influence your fertility. Sometimes it is not possible to find a clear cause that really explains why no pregnancy has occurred yet. That can make it hard to find an optimal solution in terms of treatment.

In the fertility Clinic Voorburg we usually start with a thorough intake for you and your partner, when available. After that and necessary tests we can make an estimation of your chances for a spontaneous pregnancy. This will determine whether it will be useful to start treatment immediately or that it would be better to take advantage of your natural chance for a longer period. This advice will be based on several issues including your personal preference, age, the duration of your wish to conceive, your medical history, the chances for success of the treatment and the treatment burden and risks for you.

Besides this it is most important what your own personal view on the proposed possibilities is. When you start treatment your chances to conceive per treatment cycle will be 15-30%. In comparison, chances for an average healthy couple in the first year trying are 15-20% per menstrual cycle. When age progresses chances go down. For women above the age of 42 the Dutch Health Insurance does not refund fertility investigations or treatment anymore, because general chances for success are estimated to low.

Through this leaflet we inform you about our Fertility Center and the possible tests and treatments of fertility disorders. Do you still have questions after reading? Ask this to your doctor.

Fertility Center Voorburg / Reinier de Graaf Group

Providing high-quality care in the treatment of infertility is the central aim to our multidisciplinary Fertility Center. The team consists of gynecologists, fertility doctors, doctors in training to gynecologist, interns, analysts, IVF nurses and doctor assistants. We work closely with the urologist-andrologist, internist, psychiatrist, medical psychologist, clinical chemist, social worker and dietitian. Because the Fertility Center is also part of training and education of doctors, you may see different doctors during the care process.

It is also possible that you are asked for permission

  • whether a co-assistant may attend an interview, examination or treatment.

  • to participate in a scientific study to improve the treatment of infertility.

We find it important that you indicate your preference. This does not affect the quality of the treatment. The gynecologist with whom you have your first appointment is your main care provider. With him or her you can always make an appointment if you have questions or if there are things you like to discuss. It is our custom to make difficult decisions together with you. For this purpose, a separate appointment is always made, preferably not by telephone, so that you can be sure that all aspects of your specific situation are discussed.

First appointment

Your first appointment with the gynecologist preferably takes place together with your partner, when available, when you have the wish to conceive together. All aspects relating to your specific situation and those of your partner can then be discussed. During this extensive intake the doctor discusses the spontaneous pregnancy chance and the fertile period in the cycle. The relationship between your age, the duration of the child's desire and the spontaneous pregnancy chances will also be discussed. Just like the personal history of you and your partner. The gynecologist also discusses your social situation. In addition, you sometimes receive a physical examination and the doctor discusses the follow-up steps.

Costs and insurance

Whether your treatment is fully reimbursed depends on your insurance. We advise you to inform your health insurer. Before the treatment both you and your partner receive an invoice. This may have financial consequences for you and your partner due to ‘wettelijk eigen risico’.

The Dutch patient association for fertility problems


Postbus 476

6600 AL Wijchen

Phone: (024) 645 10 88

Website : www.freya.nl

Freya informs you about treatment options, insurance issues and addresses of relevant authorities. You can also register as a member.

Alle behandelingen voorlopig nog mogelijk in Fertiliteitscentrum VoorburgInvloed van toename druk op reguliere zorg

Omdat de druk op de gezondheidsvoorzieningen ten gevolge van COVID-19 aan blijft houden, staat vooral de reguliere zorg ook weer onder druk. Toch proberen we te voorkomen dat ook wij de zorg voor onze patiënten moeten stoppen zoals afgelopen Maart gebeurde. Dat betekent dat bij het Fertiliteitscentrum Voorburg voorlopig wel alle behandelingen worden gedaan maar dat we niet iedere maand kunnen garanderen dat u kunt starten. Momenteel zijn wij dus heel voorzichtig met het opstarten van ALLE behandelingen en daarom is er dus steeds een rustmaand tussen de behandelmaanden in ! Dus na iedere behandelmaand is er minimaal dan een maand geen behandeling. Zodra het mogelijk is willen wij het liefst terug naar de ‘oude’ situatie, namelijk : voor geen enkele behandeling een start beperking. Helaas is het op dit moment niet mogelijk en hier vragen wij uw begrip voor. 

Als u een afspraak hebt, wordt u vriendelijk doch dringend verzocht om de huidige hygiëne- en gezondheidsmaatregelen in acht te nemen, tevens dient u een mond-neusmasker te dragen in het ziekenhuis dat u zelf meebrengt. U wordt op dit alles gewezen door medewerkers, posters en informatie borden. Kom liefst alleen (of hooguit met 1 begeleider die in de hal van het ziekenhuis kan wachten) en zorg dat u op tijd bent, blijf zo kort mogelijk in het ziekenhuis, probeer zo veel mogelijk onderzoeken te combineren zodat u in één bezoek zo veel mogelijk regelt (bv echo en bloedonderzoek). Heeft u zelf of een van uw familieleden klachten die mogelijk gerelateerd zijn aan COVID-19, dan mag u niet naar de afspraak op het Fertiliteitscentrum komen, om anderen niet in gevaar te brengen, en worden wij graag hierover door u geïnformeerd.

Bij dringende vragen hierover kan u tussen 09.00 – 12.00u met ons contact op te nemen via het gebruikelijke email adres.

Vergeet niet uw patient nummer – geboorte datum en uw 06 nummer in deze mail te zetten !

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