Fertility Center Voorburg

Our Team

During your visits you may meet different members of our team. Everyone has it’s own expertise and specialisation. All the members of our tean are listed below. Since we are a teaching hospital you may also meet medical specialists in training.


Dr E.J.P. van Santbrink (Head of Department)

Mw Dr C.J. Kapitein

Mw Dr J.C. Boxmeer

Fertility doctors

Mw Drs H.C.  van Os

Mw Drs C.Q.J. Vink-Ranti

IVF Nurses

Mw J.H. de Haan-Cramer

Mw M.M. Stijl-Vermeulen

Mw A. Valkenhoff-Wijsman

Mw M. Witmer-Korver

Mw N. Vellinga

Mw A. Fransen-de Graaf

Clinical Embryologists

Mw. Dr Ir. P.M. Rijnders

Mw. Dr. M. Moschopoulou (i.o.)

Clinical IVF analists

Mw E.Y. Jaarsma

Mw D.J.M. Jansen-Hulsenboom

Mw N.M. Lo A Njoe-Haulussy

Mw P.M. de Goede

Mw S. Combarros Castrillo

Mw U. van Leeuwen-Boon

Quality Officer

Mw F. Tiekstra


Mw P.J.M. Thijssen-Bruijnen

Mw. S. Bots

Mw L. Hentzen

Cooperation with the following disciplines :

Urologist : Dr B.B. Nieuwkamer

Internal medicine-endocrinologist : Dr D.H. Schweitzer

Psychology Practice (LEV) : Drs K. Jonker, Drs J. Lansbergen, Drs van ‘t Land en Drd N. Garnefski

Dieticians Practice : Essential Balance : Mw L. Hentzen


We offer IVF laboratory service to the following hospitals

Haga Hospital, The Hague

Alrijne Hospital, Leiden –Leiderdorp-Alphen aan de Rijn


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