Fertility Center Voorburg

About Fertility Center Voorburg

We are a small and dedicated team of professionals working in a focus clinic setting and we deliver this particular service since 1989. Although we are a relatively small center, we can provide the full spectrum of highly specialized fertility care at an easily accessible location.

This means that we can offer you individualized fertility care: we know you and will try to adapt to your personal needs. Compared to other IVF centers in The Netherlands, we are a small clinic in numbers : each year we perform around 700 IVF treatment cycles, 750 IUI cycles and 300 cycles with hormonal stimulation for ovulation induction.  

The Fertility Center Voorburg has it’s own sperm bank and IVF laboratory and we are open 7 days a week. Our team cooperates with an urologist/andrologist, an endocrinologist, a clinical geneticist, a psychiatrist, a psychologist and a specialized dietitian.

We usually start with an thorough intake for you and your partner, when available. After that and necessary tests we can make an estimation of your chances for a spontaneous pregnancy. This will determine whether it will be useful to start treatment immediately or that it would be better to take advantage of your natural chance for a longer period. This advice will be based on several issues including your personal preference, age, the duration of your wish to conceive, your medical history, the chances for success of the treatment and the treatment burden and risks for you.

The Fertility Center Voorburg has received the quality certificate (pluim) of the association of fertility patients in The Netherlands called ‘Freya ‘ for the high standard of care delivered.

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